“I have had the opportunity to train at BeWell Fitness two times under two very different circumstances. The first time was two years ago when I was training for a competition I compete in for my job as a firefighter. I had been doing this competition for ten years and my training regimen had not changed and needed a revamp. My performance had also hit a plateau. Ben’s research and understanding of the competition helped him prepare a program specific to what I needed to excel. The outcome was better than I could have imagined. Not only was I now in the best shape of my life, I finished the competition better than I ever had before.

Two months after my competition was over, I broke my leg and was told by my doctor I may never be a fireman again. I spent thirteen months going to physical therapy, which was not getting me to any better. I made a phone call to Ben and was in for an evaluation the next day. It has been three months since the phone call and Ben has me on a program that will get me back to work in the next four months. I have lost the weight I put on, regained most of the strength I lost and I feel the best I have since breaking my leg.

Ben’s knowledge of the human body, exercise, strength building and different training techniques is incomparable. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for a personal trainer. I would also use Ben as a supplement to Physical Therapy. The dedication Ben has to his profession exemplifies his commitment to his clients. Thanks for all you do!”

Gregg Paiser


“I’ve worked with BeWell Fitness for about three months now and can heartily recommend them. They design programs to “get you to from where you are to where you want to be” and provide the individual coaching and motivation that it takes to get there. Their approach blends strength, cardio, flexibility and balance development seamlessly and it’s fun! The input on diet and weight loss is the best I’ve ever had. Then there are the RESULTS! I noticed the difference after the second week! Finally, Ben is a great guy to spend time with. In short, BeWell Fitness is awesome!”

Craig Purse


“Ben has been instrumental in helping me gain the strength and fitness level I was seeking while educating me on ways to prevent the injuries that have plagued me for the last several years while doing triathlons.”

Marc Grove


“Overall my physical state has improved considerably. When I first went to Ben I had injured my knee from running and wanted a workout but could not have anything high impact. Within the first couple sessions I was excited because was getting great workouts and no pounding on my knees. That was about Nov. last year and since have been going fairly steadily, as work allows, and can honestly say feel better, look better having dropped 15-18lbs, and clothes fit better. Plan on continuing with BWF and would strongly recommend to anyone looking to get into better shape and is tired of the same old routines at the gym.”

Joe Heffernan


“Unlike many of the fitness programs I have experienced, whether it be at the collegiate level or recreational level the BeWell program is life specific! It prepares you and equips you with the required strength, balance and flexibility to maintain an active lifestyle. The program is a rare blend of both cardio vascular needs and strength and conditioning requirements!”

Fred Paglia


“I have had the opportunity to have Ben as my personal trainer for the last 4 months. Ben’s knowledge and reliability is proven by his experience and educational background.
Losing weight has never been easy for me, so I needed someone or something to motivate me. Ben’s personality, drive and caring personality are exactly what I needed to feel good about me. He has taught me the importance of exercise and eating healthfully so I can lead a healthy and happier lifestyle. No matter what the week has looked like; he always makes me feel good about my accomplishments. He makes working out fun and motivates me to do well.

Ben is professional and really cares about each individual’s needs. I have had the opportunity to observe him with others and his personality is what drives people to want to continue when it may not always be easy. I travel a lot but Ben has taken the time to put together an exercise program when traveling. He is accessible by phone or email if I need a boost of motivation. In my head, I hear him saying “Come on now” and work even harder for me, but I know Ben is right there cheering me on.

I highly recommend Ben for anyone who wants to begin to feel better about themselves. He is truly a professional and I am thankful to have the opportunity to be able to work with him to accomplish my goals.”

Janine Glass


“After graduating college and gaining the usual “college weight,” I decided it was time to join a gym and get in shape. I struggled for most of my teen years with weight and body image issues, so I was hoping that getting a trainer would help me lose weight the correct way. For most of my life I was not someone that enjoyed going to the gym and I had the wrong idea as to how to get in shape. Before beginning, Ben sat down with me and discussed my past exercising and eating habits as well as what my goals for the future were. After training with Ben for about 2 weeks, 3 times a week, I started noticing some changes. I was sleeping better at night, I had more energy during the day and didn’t dislike going to the gym. Before long, I was seeing physical results and gaining the confidence I had lost.

Ben made training comfortable, easy to understand and most of all, enjoyable. He helped me understand how the body worked and that eating correctly was just as important working out correctly. He has kept my enthusiasm high through a continually evolving workout routine that adapts to my needs and workout goals. This has helped me continue working out on a regular basis to continued positive results both mentally and physically. 

I would highly recommend Ben as a trainer to any of my friends and family due to his knowledge, personal attention to detail and love of his work. He knows and loves working with new “challenges” everyday and looks forward to making peoples lives better from day one.”

Kathy Matheson


“I have been very fortunate to have been placed under Ben’s care for my Personal Training. I had heard from a friend of mine that he is a “great trainer” and, therefore, made the call. I felt very confident the first day I met him and talked with him. Ben is very knowledgeable about strength training and conditioning. He takes time to “listen” to what your needs are and wants to help you set and reach goals. Ben teaches, explains, and helps you through while motivating you to reach further. He is definitely a super motivator, and is extremely positive, caring, yet firm in his approach and gives you confidence in yourself to move further toward a healthier life. I feel so confident in him that I have my teenage son working with Ben (and I am very careful about who coaches my son!) and have referred my husband to him as well. I have told many of my friends in this community about Ben. Being a health care professional ( I am a physical therapist), I am very particular in choosing who cares for my family, especially when it comes to our health. However, I will continue to refer my family, friends, colleagues and patients to Ben. And thanks to Ben, I feel very confident that I am on my way to a healthier life for myself and for my family.”

Marisa G. Mikaelian


“I have been a client of Mr. Wellenbach for several years and have experienced first hand his attitude of professionalism, his knowledge in terms of exercise physiology, his creativity in regards to training techniques, and enthusiasm for his profession. In the time that I have worked with, the positive changes in my level of fitness, strength, endurance and overall physique have been extraordinary. Accompanying these factors, I have also experienced improvement in my energy level and overall sense of well-being. I have worked with other trainers in the past, and none comes even close to the dedication exemplified by Mr. Wellenbach in terms of his commitment to helping his clients achieve their personal goals.”

Reverend Stephen E. Grunow