Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition Coaching

Get the body you have always wanted

Why is this the best nutritional coaching program for you?

  • You will discover what specific nutrition plan is best for you and why some diets in the past have actually failed from the beginning.
  • This serves everyone and anyone no matter if they want to lose fat mass, gain lean mass, perform better in athletics or look better naked!
  • These are proven strategies that have helped people lose more weight than every season of the biggest loser combined and perform better in the top forums worldwide from the Olympics to professional sports.
  • It is not a fad diet…. It is not a one-size fit all… THIS IS A LIFESTYLE!


Curious? READ ON!

A little background on the program… When I started coaching people I knew with 100% certainty that I could make them stronger, perform better, faster, etc. but there was always a missing piece for me in my coaching. Along came Dr. John Berardi and Precision Nutrition. This program helps me complete the circle of health and fitness. You cannot have one without the other.

To have true success you must have both working together for a desired and measurable goal.

For example, when I first started in this industry I would see people working hard in the gym doing their best to figure out what made them stronger. These were the same people I would see 5-7 hours a week in the gym. Over the course of 6 months, I saw no change in what they looked like or how strong they were. If I was their coach I should have been fired! Come to find out they ate like crap and their habits outside the gym were awful.

They were just training to entertain their lifestyle.


This is what my clients have to say about this program…

“This one coaching call alone was worth every penny. Whatever happens from here out is a bonus.” -Rich Colman

“In 3 months I have lost 20lbs of fat mass and achieved my goal.” –Judy Zoellick

We have only scratched the surface…

This is what you will get from the program:

  • Comprehensive background analysis
  • Initial body composition (weight, circumference and photos)
  • Medical history and questionnaire
  • Activity and performance assessment
  • Social support questionnaire
  • 3-Day food log analysis
  • Discover your limiting factors (basically, what is holding you back)

You will also get:

  • Monthly coaching call
  • Weekly check-in
  • Continuing Education including:
  1. What to eat and when (frequent travelers, dining out, etc.)
  2. Conquering fears and myths
  3.  5 daily habits
  4. 21 Superfoods


  • 24/7-email support and accountability
  • Continued follow-up to ensure the program is still working. If there are changes then we change to ensure we are attaining your goals

In addition, there are some extra’s available like:

  • Kitchen makeover’s (1-on-1 or groups)
  • Grocery Shopping (1-on-1 or groups)


For those of you that want to take immediate action I want to make you a special offer that will literally save you hundreds of dollars.

If you commit to this program before January 1st I will lock you into an EARLY BIRD price. After January 1st the prices will go up so if you want to take advantage of this program do it now.

How it works:

There is a 6-month minimum commitment. If you choose to stop after 6 months you can but ideally the commitment is for 12 months. This allows the program to fully integrate into your life.

The initial 3 A’s (assess, analyze and assimilate)- $99 (one time investment)

Members of BeWell Fitness:

$69 x 6 months

EARLY BIRD- $59 x 6 months


$99 x 6 months

EARLY BIRD- $79 x 6 months


1-on-1 Grocery Shopping $129

1-on-1 Kitchen Makeover $129

1-on-1 Grocery & Kitchen Bundle $199

Small Group (3-5pp) Grocery shopping $49/person

Small Group (3-5pp) Kitchen Makeover $49/person

Group (5+pp) Kitchen Makeover $29/person


If you have any questions you can email or call 847.549.7200.