Mission Statement:

BeWell Fitness is passionately committed to helping people achieve ultimate success in fitness and wellness.

  • Family owned and operated since 2007
  • We guarantee that anyone who joins the club in the future will never pay less than you do today
  • We promise to never raise your rates as long as you’re a member of this club. Simply stay current with
 your membership, or renew within 30 days of expiration, and we will honor your current rate for as
 many years as you wish to be a member here.


BeWell Fitness has created a comprehensive methodology for extraordinary results. These time-tested methods are a reflection of continuous changes in the fitness industry. Whether you are training for a sport or a healthy lifestyle our custom programs will lead you to success. The methodology consists of the following tools:
Build a solid foundation…stability, proper technique, 
injury prevention and nutrition Generate maximum results…strength, conditioning and performance Educate…live better, perform better, feel better and look better HAVE FUN!…music, laugh, sweat, tears and success

CORE Values:

  1. Be a constant learner
  2. Have integrity & honesty
  3. Be present… bring your best
  4. Exceed expectations & Be consistent
  5. Strive for profitability
  6. Act with a purpose… Take action!
  7. Don’t assume… be clear
  8. No “I” in “Team”
  9. Be professional
  10. Have fun

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