10 years

January 1st of this year marked the 10 year anniversary of BeWell Fitness!

We are so honored and grateful to have helped so many people in that time. One source of pride for us are the relationships we have created and the people we have continued to impact. I can name countless numbers of people that are no longer members here because they have moved away or life has changed for them in some way yet we still stay in touch and find ways to check in on them. We take our job as coaches beyond just programming. The programming is the easy part, yet what people always seem to overlook is that on the other end of a program is a human.

2018 will be a major transitional year for the gym and its community within it. Big things are in the works for everyone and as they unfold we will keep you informed and updated.

First, when the gym opened in 2007, I made a promise to all members that I would honor membership rates for as long as they were active members. Meaning no matter if I raised them in the future their rates would always be the same as when they first started. In the 10 years we have been helping people I have only raised rates once, back in 2013. Starting in March of this year we will be raising our rates on certain membership options. Currently our individual programming rates range from $45-$51/session. They will increase to $49-$55/session. That is not just a arbitrary increase nor a increase we take lightly. If we just wanted to raise our rates arbitrarily, we would have done this more than one time in all the years we have been operating.

Second, we are currently in the process of mapping out our future location for a expanded gym. A number of options are on the table and once those become clearer we will update everyone on the good news. We take great pride in the community that we are a part of and will continue to further that bond with a larger facility.

Finally, I just want to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for allowing us to do what we love for as long as we have. As many of you already know, we truly love what we do and look forward to doing it, never seeing our profession as work.

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