The New Dog and You

Last month we got a new dog. It was a big decision in our house. We all had a real tough time when we lost our previous dog and just being open to that again was tough to consider. We took the leap. We went from a 20lb terrier to a German Shepherd that will be between 80-90lbs. So we took a enormous leap now that I am saying it.

We are tired. Our house is in some state of explosion, which is killing us because we usually have a clean and organized house. All of us have some sort of bite marks on our bodies from him just being a puppy. All of us are completely tired of the baby gates not only slowing the natural flow of the house but we all have scars from scraping our body on them too. Our schedules are messed up because he can not be left for too long. So then why would we agree to do this? Why in our right mind do we choose this? The first truth is that we completely forgot how much work they are, so I guess we plead ignorance a little. More importantly is the second truth, which is we felt a hole in our house. We wanted to fill that. Our want was more important than the initial discomfort and responsibility. The truth is all this discomfort is just temporary. As we continue to train him he is only going to get better.

Is there something in your health and fitness you want but the other issues around it cloud your ability to make that want stronger than the discomfort? Do you want to lose weight but are afraid you may have to give up things like beer, diet soda, desserts, other favorite foods? Or you want to lose weight but you are afraid of intensifying your workouts.

The discomfort goes away eventually. The changes become more of a norm rather than a difference. Jason, my coach here, competes in Brazilian Ju Jitsu, which is a form of martial arts. He gets choked. He gets punched. He gets kicked. He gets hurt too. Yet he keeps going back and striving to get better. You would think any place you get choked, may not be the best place to revisit. Just a thought. He wants it. He sees the want more important than the discomfort because now he is used to the discomfort and it is not so uncomfortable anymore. He got comfortable being uncomfortable.

Is getting up earlier for a class deterring you to get into your health and fitness? Is the thought of cooking your own meals scary to you? It may not be the schedule of the food in the way. It may be YOU that is in your own way.

My invitation to you is, if you are willing, email me ( your questions/concerns for your own health and fitness. Nothing is off limits. We can work through them via email or set up a 30 minute coaching call… At no cost.

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