What I Learned at Dave & Busters

Let me first start by saying I am not a fan of video games, crowded loud places and germs. The next logical question would be then why the (you know what) would I venture into Dave & Busters? Valid question.

I have children, who love games and don’t care about crowds or germs as long as it gets them a stuffed animal. Simple.

We take our girls maybe twice a year as a reward, because as you might also know, it is not a cheap trip. We just happened to be there this past weekend and as I am watching the girls play various games I see one thing that is so clear, they are beyond focused! Everything they do is focused on just that one thing. If they are driving a car game they are focused on that alone, even though it is loud as hell in there with music, bells and other stimuli, they are laser focused on the game and the task at hand.

A few days prior I was in the gym speaking with a client and asked them where they felt the exercise they were doing. They just kind of shrugged their shoulders and said, well I’m not really sure. I’ll tell you on the next set. I said, wait, what? You don’t know where you are feeling the movement? They replied with a simple, no, not really. I told them to pick the weight back up and do it again but this time I want you to focus on finding your hamstrings during the movement. Make them work. Now, I was only coaching this way because they already had the mechanics of the movement down. They moved well but they just did not put any focus on the movement itself. They just aimlessly did it instead of focusing on what should be working during the movement.

Then I started asking more of my clients and athletes, if they were feeling the spots they should. I got the same response!! I was floored. I thought I was doing a great job coaching these people and come to find out they were not feeling what I wanted them to feel. The movement looked great. It looked athletic. It looked strong. It lacked focus.

Whether you are with a loved one, family, friend, lifting weights, playing a sport, doing a job, etc. be focused on where you are and what you are doing. You will get much more out of it.

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