Are you too loose?

There is a population of people that are too loose. You may say, how is that even possible? Most people are too tight, right? And… How do I even know which category I fall into? Believe me you do not have to wait until your joint comes out of its socket to realize you are too loose. Below I will list out a couple areas that if you fall into you may have what we call joint laxity.

Can you easily bend your thumb to your wrist?
Can you easily bend your fingers backwards toward the top of your forearm?
When you extend your arm out, does your elbow go higher then your wrist and shoulder almost making a rainbow shape?
Can you easily palm the floor?
When you stand straight, do your knees keep going behind you?
Can you easily reach up your back from behind you like your wanted to scratch your back?

If you said yes to one or more of the questions above you would have some sort of joint laxity. I say some sort because depending on how many you said yes to would depend on the severity of the condition.

Why should you care if you are prone to any of these? Tightness is good in some respects. Tightness is our bodies way of creating a break system like in a car. Tightness keeps us safe and reduces the potential for injury. If we are not tight enough in a particular joint we will blow right through it and risk compromising the joint entirely as in a dislocation or tearing of ligaments. Now that you care, what do you do about it if you have such condition?

Your focus should be stabilizing that joint at all costs. When we look at stability of any joint we have to see it from a few angles: posture/structure, motor control and strength/endurance. If I had to pick one thing that helps with all areas, it would be some form of a carry. Yes, you heard me right, pick something heavy up and carry it. For some of you it may just be the act of holding still once you have picked something up. Carries force you to create a brake system and if you do not then you will not be able to move without looking like you are drunk.

I have integrated various forms of carries into almost every program from the youth and high school athlete to people in the game of life. From a 10 year old to a 65 year old. They apply to all populations and ages. They check all the boxes and I love a big bang movement.

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