I want to give up

Have you ever said that phrase either out loud or to yourself when it comes to things like weight loss or strength goals? Do you think you are so far gone that there is no way of achieving the ideal you?

Jason and I were talking today in the gym and reflecting on our own experiences and we have both at one point or another said enough. When I was done playing college hockey I was so burned out between the schedule and training that I did not step into a gym or look at a weight for almost 3 years! Yes, you read that right. This guy who now founded a performance gym stepped down and essentially said I am out. Jason was the same way with his fighting career.

There are some of you reading this right now that say that phrase all too often. You feel overwhelmed. You feel defeated. You feel a whole bunch of emotions. The truth is we all have a choice. We can easily say I am done. We can also easily say I want better. I say easy because it is. Just say it. The aspect that requires more attention and energy is what comes after you say it. It is easy to say I want to look and feel better. I want to lose weight. I want to jump higher or run faster. That part is easy. The real test is what you actually do after you say it. Do you make a plan for your nutrition for the week if you want to lose weight? Do you find a gym to train at? Do you seek the help of a professional to guide and direct you? Do you have a plan that shows you if you do these things your outcome is in your favor?

I invite you to make a new statement for yourself and LIVE it.

Plan for it and execute it.

If you need help, ask.

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