What they teach race car drivers

I was watching a TV special a couple months ago and found this concept quite interesting and remembered it the other night when I was driving home.

When race car drivers are going around a track and they find themselves in a crash situation whether it be with another car or the wall they are taught to look away from the problem. In other words, if they look at he car they are going to hit or the wall they are about to run into they will indefinitely hit those things. If they look to where they would rather be then the chances of the crash being severe or at all drop.

From a health and fitness perspective, look to where you want to be. Look towards a path that you want to be on. If you are feeling a crash or see one ahead like continuous weight gain or health symptoms rising like risk of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. look to a new path and keep your eyes on that path. Don’t fall victim to another car or wall.

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