What I learned from buying a house

Yesterday my wife and I, after quite a long and tumultuous process, have finally bought a new house.

When we got to the closing table we had everything we needed ready, except for a bag to keep all of our nervous energy in. The previous night I was talking to my dad and asking him if there was anything we forgot because I wanted the closing to go smooth and fast. He thought we had everything covered but he also said, don’t rush over something just to get done; this is one of the single biggest purchases you will have. Of course I am leaving out the fatherly tone and sincere care that he had when saying it. Seriously.

So as the good son and young Jedi that I am I listened and obliged. We had our lawyer there, our agent and our lender. Basically, if any question came up regarding anything we were covered with our team. Normally a closing can take hours to complete. Ours took 75 minutes. All items were resolved and we walked away with what we wanted.

Your health is very much the same as buying a house. Put a team together, be prepared and execute. Sounds simple and is simple yet not always easy. Let the experts do what they do best. They are trained just for that reason. Find the right people and trust that they will put you on the right path and look out for your best interest. Then, all you have to do is execute, or show up. Showing up is sometimes the toughest thing to do for people.

If you need help putting a team together for yourself or executing that plan please let me know.

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