Riding the wave

I was on vacation last week with my family. My parents conveniently leave 1 mile from a beach (a real beach on a ocean, not sand on a lake) and we got to take my two girls there almost everyday. There is nothing like being a kid on a beach. You watch them play and it is like they have no boundaries, no walls or gates keeping them from that “special room” at home. They explore. They see things they have never seen. Feel things they have never felt. And when they are old enough they get to learn how to ride a wave. My oldest got to do just that. As I was watching her I watch the water just take her wherever it was going as she just rode with a smile. She didn’t know where it was going yet she rode it anyway.

When I take that image to my life I wonder what wave am I on? Have I been riding a good wave that has lots of action, positive twists and turns or am I on a wave that is like a fart in the breeze?

Then you start to think even further and ask about more specific things. Which workout wave am I on? Which nutrition wave am I on? Which flexibility and stretching wave am I on? Etc. The lists are endless.

For me I did not like any of the waves that I was on with regards to health and fitness. Sometimes you need a environment to really exacerbate something for you to see it. In other words, being on vacation I put my guard down even more with nutrition and because of that I realized that I really have been slacking.

So I have a choice as do all of you, do you get of the crap wave in favor for a new and improved wave or do you keep riding the crap until you really get to nowhere. I choose the latter. I came home and recommitted myself to eating better right away. I was and still am a little cranky as I adjust but I know it is only temporary.

Look at the waves in your life. Are they good or crap?

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