Have you lost that loving feeling?

Top Gun seems like it was released centuries ago… well I guess it was. I can remember when it first came out and the bar scene when Maverick and Goose (reluctantly) sing the iconic song to Kelly McGillis. The best part for me in that whole scene was when Tom Cruise turns to Anthony and tells him she has lost it and Anthony says no she hasn’t and he hates it when he does this. Goose’s reaction was what made the scene for me. It was a reaction of annoyance and irritation because he knew he was going to have to step up and back up his partner, which meant total embarrassment for him.

So what does this have to do with health and fitness?

Well… There are times in your life when you are irritated with your health, when you are frustrated because it is “too hard,” or “always a struggle.” Whether you have experienced this once or many times it is out there and I can certainly relate. When my wife and I had each of our daughters I was absolutely exhausted helping around the house and running the gym. The last thing on my mind was working out. I ate like a maniac because I never knew when they would get up or stop the process. I slept every chance I could because I was literally running into walls from deprivation. Believe me I had no intention of working out.

My saving grace were the people around me. I guess I did a good job building a group of people to align myself with that helped me stay accountable. Helped me stay honest with myself, and ultimately supported me through a workout when I was clearly dragging.

The moral of this post is find a person, or a group that will do this for you. It is so easy to say “no way” or “not today”, but when you are a member of a group you don’t want to let them down. Sometimes you need that as a motivator since your motivation is running low. Is it a friend, organization, trainer, coach, etc.? Find someone and reach out to them today.

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