Climbing the Mountain

I just got back from a week in Arizona with the baseball team. At the end of the week we chose to climb a mountain as a team. It was a beautiful day. Sun was out, light breeze and clear skies. We parked and all set up the mountain. As we were climbing the summit looked just the same distance away from us as it did when we parked the car. We kept going up then down then looping around. Finally we started asked people who were on the way down just how much further this was going to be. We were an hour into this trip and still never felt like we were making any progress. Everyone that we ran into said 15 more minutes and you will be there. Eventually we just stopped asking people because it was always the same answer.

After an hour and forty five minutes we finally had trekked 5.1 miles and made it to the top. It was a brutal climb. It was frustrating. It was absolutely exhausting. And in the end, it was a huge victory. It was a accomplishment. It was a test. It was overcoming parking in the wrong lot and having to climb more then double the distance to get to the summit.

We all have our own mountains that we climb daily. Some of us keep hearing people say only 15 more minutes over and over again. Some of us want to stop. Some of us do stop. I encourage you and invite you to take a moment and take a breathe and continue the climb because the top is amazing. It is life changing.

In two weeks, we are hosting our annual Competition for a Cure, a 5k run or 1 mile walk raising funds and awareness for breast cancer. We honor those women that are currently facing their own mountain or have faced the mountain already in the name of breast cancer. Please join us in the climb and in their support.

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