The Game Changer

What is the one thing you would desire more of as a athlete? Would it be speed? Would it be strength? Why not both?

Explosive power is just that, the sum of speed and strength put together. In other words, power gives you the ability to move heavy things fast. A heavy thing could be your own body as in a sprint or it could be another person like a tackle in football or it could be an object like a baseball or golf swing.

Power and more specifically explosive power is the game changer. It gives an athlete the ability to separate themselves from the pack. Explosive power can be the difference between the fastest man on earth and someone you never heard of.

Before anyone promises you the world and says they can get you to new heights, I want to take a moment and take a clear look at what goes into power development. Power includes working on the two skills above speed and strength, but what it does not speak to is what you were born with or your genetic make up. Some of us have a greater tank to fill with power or I should say greater potential to fill. We all have some. My job is to help everyone use their own tank more effectively and efficiently. For example, person A was born with a bigger tank for power genetically then person B. However person B is much more effective and efficient in using what was given to them and therefore beats out person A.

Next Saturday the 21st from 9-10am we are hosting an Explosive Power Clinic for athletes 11-14 years old. Our goal is to instill a skill set combining speed and strength to help fill their tank. It is $10/athlete and all money will be donated directly to the Libertyville High School Athletic Department.

If you, your child or any friends would like to come to this clinic please RSVP to this email to reserve your spot.

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