Career Day

This Friday, tomorrow, I accepted an invitation to present at Career Day at a local elementary school. The way the story goes is one of my clients is a teacher at the school and asked me if I would be interested in being a part of it. Before I even thought, the word absolutely spilled right out. Later, as I began to process my decision I just jumped into, I realized I may have made a bad one.

Kids test you in ways I can not comprehend. I do not have the greatest patience and in full disclosure I am not the most fun guy around kids. I admittedly have to work on my level of play with them. I am used to the high school through adult stage. Also, I have been known to drop a swear word or two or TEN around the gym and I most certainly do not want to be caught doing that around the kids. Finally, there is some major competition. I have a guy from the Navy that blows $%#& up for a living. There will be firefighters, SWAT dogs, vets, pilots, etc. If I was a kid and I had all those choices the Navy would be calling my name. So… After hearing all of that, some may question the choice as well. Did I mention the newspapers and superintendent will be there too?!

With that said, I made a commitment and I am going to stick to it and make sure I make the presentation the best it can be because in reality I am very proud and beyond happy with what I get to do. I get to help athletes. I get to help people in the game of life. I get to help people get rid of pain. I get to be a part of amazing teams and development. I get to be around tremendous coaches. This is an absolute gift.

So if you are wondering what this email is for, it is about going with your gut instinct. My first gut instinct was to say yes. I had no magical plan. I had zero answers or vision as to what the presentation would look like or feel like, I just took some action and said yes. All too often we hold back that inner voice out of fear. Fear of loss. Fear of failure. Fear of disappointment. It can be very crippling. As Kramer said on a episode of Seinfeld, “We all have a little man inside Jerry, listen to the little man.” After you listen to the little man then you have to trust and if you think making the decision is tough, trusting is even harder. Trust that it will work out the way it is supposed to at the right time. All this would not happen if you did not decide to do anything. You must take action. Good luck with your little man or woman and wish me luck tomorrow.

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