New Time Opened!

BeWell Fitness is passionately committed to developing the athletes of tomorrow.

Our vast knowledge and experience has led us to create a methodology for results. This comprehensive hour long program is designed for athletes of all sports.

The first part of the workout is spent on movement, which includes, stretching, activation, active warm up, linear and lateral speed development, quickness, plyometrics, and CORE strengthening.

The second part of the workout is dedicated to explosive power using the Olympic lifts, increasing overall body strength and various forms of conditioning.

January 6th- March 28th

2x/week (T&R) – $359 (monthly billing available)

3x/week (T, R & S) – $449 (monthly billing available)

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
530pm (NEW TIME)

Please RSVP to reserve your spot as space is very limited.


Proud to be the strength coach of Libertyville High School’s boys football, basketball and baseball teams!

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