One Year Anniversary

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. I share the following with you not for sympathy. I share this with you because in some way I hope this helps some of you like he helped me.

I knew no matter what I did or said he would always love me. He used to tell me even I had just rolled in sh#t he would still hug all over me. He supported me through everything I did throughout my life. When I was younger we saw each other very frequently as we lived closer to one another. As I got older I moved away for college and started a family which was far from him so we made a point to always chat over the phone every Sunday. Give updates. Tell stories. Just be with one another. He got great joy from our conversations as I did. You see family is so important to me. I often think that in a previous life I must have been in The Godfather because I would do anything for my family. I like to think I got a piece of that from him.

He represented a great support in my life. I always knew he had my best interest in mind and always fought for the best for me and my family. Now that he is gone in person his voice resonates in my mind on a daily basis whether it be support, strength, reminders, love or a kick in the pants.

I miss him dearly. As much as I would love one more hug or conversation I know nothing can take away my life experience with him.

I share this story with you because I hope and encourage you to find someone that supports you in your game of life as my grandfather did for me. At BeWell Fitness I have worked hard to create a sense of family, a sense of community and ultimately support for all my clients. I work everyday to honor that aspect of our relationship at the gym. Find someone that is always out for your best interest. Find someone that is like a gentle fist. Soft enough to comfort yet strong enough to help you get back on track.

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