My gift to you (FYI, it is big)

This month marks a couple major milestones in my life; my wife and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and our oldest daughter turns 5.

In addition, it just so happens that we are making some changes in the gym at the same time and wanted to pass along the news.

We are adding a new class called MOVE in August and changing the schedule of class’s.

First, let me tell you about MOVE:

There is an athlete in all of us… Our goal with this class is to tap into that “inner athlete”.

You will train exactly how we train our top-level athletes and tactical forces.

This is the first time we have ever offered this opportunity in a class format. The main goal of any great program is to keep people safe and get results at the same time. Your workout should help you perform better without the risk of injury. Our lives are way too busy and important.

Assess. Everyone will get a movement screen and assessment.

Correct. Everyone will do specific mobility exercises based on their individual needs.

Develop. Everyone will work on power development
(Power is the first and fastest thing to decrease as we age).

Strength. Everyone will get stronger.

Energy. Everyone will train their energy system on both ends of the spectrum
(Cardio base level to intervals).

Next, the schedule:
We are adding new class times and class’s in general. We will have a class every morning at 6am. We are also having a class 3 days a week at 830am and 4 days a week at 930am. Our class times in the evening will stay the same at 630pm Monday-Thursday, the only change will be replacing Monday and Wednesday class’s with MOVE. Lastly, our Saturday offerings stay the same. So… Only additions, no subtractions to the schedule.

Finally, my gift to you:
Through the end of this month, I am offering a MASSIVE opportunity for you based on our anniversary and daughter’s birthday.
If you have NEVER been in a program and experienced the training here I am opening a select number of spots for $5.
That’s right, it will be $5 for the month of August when you commit to either a 3 or 12 month agreement.
We will find the right program for you whether it be all group sessions or individualized programming.
For those of you that have been in a program here before, I still want to give you the opportunity to come back. Your month of August will be $10 when you commit to either a 3 or 12 month agreement.
So you can experience the programs here for either $5 or $10.
If you want to take advantage of this opportunity please email and we can set it up for you. But you better act NOW because I am only allowing a small number of these out before the end of the month.

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