What We Do For Bacon

This past weekend my wife and three of her girlfriends ran in a 5K race called the Bacon Run. I am serious. It was called the bacon run. They actually named a event around bacon. Ultimately it was for a great cause in St. Jude Hospital. Yet even with the great cause, some were more interested in bacon let’s be honest. Sad but true.

Since having our two girls my wife has had low back, hip and knee discomfort on and off at various times throughout her training sessions. For the past 5 months she has taken a massive step in her preparation to workout. She has done more soft tissue work. More stretching. More warm-up basically.

After the race I asked her how she felt and she said great, no pain. She was able to take off and run a great time. I attribute that to a couple things: one her energy system development of both distance and interval training and also the boost in her soft tissue work. I would put more emphasis on the soft tissue side of things simply because if she did not do the soft tissue work her ability to perform at a higher output level would have been compromised.

Take a look at the video’s below to help with your soft tissue work. If you like them then subscribe to the YouTube channel ( ) because we will be posting a new video every week about various topics.

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