Girls at the Pool

We recently took a trip to one of the Keys for a wedding. The first day we got there the girls wanted to swim ASAP. Forget about check-in or unpacking or food. It was a mad tear for the pool. The sun is hot down there so even in the early afternoon we needed to lather them up in sunscreen. We went up to the room and started to get them ready and as we started with the sunscreen it was a fight because they didn’t want it. They just wanted to swim. The next day it was more of the same. They wanted to swim and we need to load them with sunscreen. By the third day they started to come to us for the sunscreen so they could go swim. It went by faster and smoother with less complaining because they were willing to do anything to go swimming. By the last day we had them done and ready to swim within 10 minutes. They knew in order to swim and have the fun they so badly wanted they had to get sunscreen on. If they didn’t have sunscreen on they would not swim. That was the rule.

I tell this story to emphasize how important soft tissue work is to your exercise program. It may be time consuming. It may not be fun. Quite frankly it could be annoying but like sunscreen it is to protect you. It is to set you up for success. And… The more you do it and keep consistent with it it becomes more efficient and more routine something that just needs to be done. It is a rule in this gym and always will be until proven different by science. No one starts a workout without doing some of it. Start making it a rule for yourself and start to notice the difference it makes on your overall well-being and performance.

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