Happy Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my daughters 3rd birthday. I wanted to share two things with you.

First, kids get excited about things we would never think to appreciate. They live in the moment. We came home from the store with batches of balloons and she freaked out… over balloons. We showed her the cake and she was jumping up and down like a pogo stick. There is a major lesson in this. We have a tendency to overlook certain things in our life as customary or expected. It could be we expect the water to turn on at our house and for it to be clean and for it to be either hot or cold. We expect a spouse to have meals ready or do laundry or fix the cable. It comes down to appreciation and gratitude. Being in a state of gratitude creates positive energy around you. It attracts other good things. In the example of my daughter, everyone that was there could not help but smile or feel joy in her reaction to the balloons and the cake. We fed off of her positive energy that she created. In your own life, I invite you to find the appreciation in all you do and all you have.

Second, my oldest daughter is only 20 months ahead of her so she still has a hard time grasping that this is her sisters special day. She is not a fan of the spotlight being off of her. So, with that being said, we do our best to show her in some way that she is still special too. In keeping with that theme, I am extending a complementary 30 minute coaching session for anyone interested. Please email to set up your session.

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