Do you know this is destroying you?

Everyday we do things that have become routine, whether it is brushing our teeth, eating certain foods, taking vitamins, working out, having a bedtime snack or drink, etc. When something becomes routine we start to do it subconsciously or without having to really be reminded to do it. For many things that is great but certain foods can cause major inflammation in our system. If you are thinking that is not so bad I thought you were going to say cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, lack of energy, you would be sorely mistaken. Those are the effects of increased and over populated inflammation.

Inflammation is the root cause of so many diseases and dysfunctions in our body. I say root cause because it all stems back to what we put in our bodies that controls it. Certain types of foods, drinks, medicines, supplements and environmental factors effect inflammation in your body.

Lets look at a few.

Foods- foods that are high in sugar are a major cause of inflammation in our system. When we eat these foods, even though they taste great, it sets off various chemical reactions in our body that for many can not keep up with the quantity consumed. If your body can not keep up with intake then it has no use for it so it stores it as fat. The bad fat. This fat ultimately sits in your system and is the most stubborn to remove. It starts to take over our internal organs and transport systems like blood vessels and veins, making it more challenging for our bodies to process future food intake leaving more and more for stored fat rather then energy use. On the other side of things there are also certain foods and spices that actually help to decrease inflammation in our system. Turmeric is a spice that actually has proven to help our system decrease inflammation. It is a easy spice to find and simple to find recipes for it. Water is another. Water is like oil to a car. Drink enough of it the body runs smoother, drink less or none and the body becomes brittle.

Supplements- why would supplements be on this list, they are all well intended, right? They are not universal for everyone. In fact if you are taking vitamin E while healing from a injury, surgery, sickness, etc. it has been shown to slow the healing process down. So avoid E under those conditions. A supplement that I take everyday and think that it is one everyone should be taking, unless you eat plenty of wild natural fish high in Omega’s, is fish oil or preferably Krill oil. I say krill oil because krill comes from cleaner water and is far more abundant then fish. In addition the life span of a krill is far shorter then a fish which means that the percentage of pollutants in the water they are consuming is low. Remember what ever we choose to use as a supplement has been alive somewhere and eating too so we are digesting whatever they did. If they are in polluted waters eating polluted low quality food then that is the oil we are getting. I do not usually make many endorsements but when it is a good product I like to make sure people are aware. Click this link to view my recommended brand for krill oil:

The good news is you can control the inflammation in your body. The bad news is you can control the inflammation in your body. Make the right choice.

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