We have completed 71 days this year already! If you reflect back on the past 71 days have you accomplished what you have wanted to accomplish?

Have you left anything on the table?

Have the last 71 days been fulfilling for you?

I do not read like my wife by any means, however I do read articles, research, etc. everyday in hopes of getting better and helping more people. Yesterday I got a email from a very well respected coach in the industry. It was not the latest and greatest new exercise and it was not about who he was working with. It was about Mastery.

I share this with you because in the beginning of his speech he talks about what holds us back from Mastery. He calls them the “5 Lacks”. I want to share them with you because most of us fall into one of the five at some point in our lives and I am betting that some of you reading this have experienced at least one of the five in the first 71 days this year.

They are a lack of: purpose, discipline, focus, enthusiasm and self-confidence.

These five can lead to: a negative attitude, over caution, mediocrity and a wrong choice of associates.

If you, like me, have fallen into one of the above five you now have 294 days to change that. The only way to change it is to take action right now in the direction that you want.

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