250 books in 1 year!

Last March my wife started reading again for the first time since having our kids. Fast forward almost year ahead and she has read almost 250 books! I am lucky to read that much in my entire life. I usually wait for the movie to come out!

It is truly an amazing feat to accomplish. I share this with you because it has become a habit for her. If she leaves her Kindle somewhere and is without it she goes into withdrawal.

If I would have told her to read 250 books in a year she would have said no way, but she just took it one book after another and kept going. After one read she completed another and that created momentum. Momentum is a powerful thing both for and against you. So how do we take that experience and make it into health and fitness?

If your goal is to lose weight and you focus on the big number loss you want to attain, it can become very daunting. For some even disruptive and counterproductive. Focusing on the numbers alone is not enough. It is significant but not enough. If you create new habits to commit to then all the numbers will fall into place. If I want to lose 50lbs and I know that takes me eating certain foods at certain times of the day and exercising 5 hours a week and I commit to those things 90% of the time then I can expect to lose the weight.

I did not commit to a number. I committed to a habit. The difference is habits can last a lifetime and numbers come and go.

The invitation for you is to take something you want and commit to a new habit, or what you want to make a habit and schedule it. Get it secured in your schedule and know that all you have to do is show up. If it is eating better and you know preparing your meals will help with that, schedule time to make the food. If it is exercising, find a class or workout time that works for you and schedule it. Create momentum one day at a time. Expect that days will be better then others but shoot for 90% compliance to your new habit. If you get 90% compliance you will get results 100% of the time.

This Saturday is a workshop fittingly for Valentines Day all for your heart and various methods to complete cardio. Please join us at 10am.

Also, starting the 17th is Bring-A-Friend week at the gym. If you or a friend is interested please email for more information.

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