Top Gun Flying Lessons

I grew up in Boston. There will always be a part of me that finds comfort and home there. This past weekend I returned for the first time in 14 years!

I was so excited to see old friends and take a trip down memory lane. On the last day of the trip I encountered a major life lesson that I think applies to everyone. Before I do I must put a couple things in perspective. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s Top Gun was a huge movie and movie reference from scenes to one liners. I think every young males envied the roles that were played by the pilots. They were bold, fearless, tough and funny. And, I’m sure from a female perspective they were not so bad to look at either. They seemed to have it all going for them. Who would not want to aspire to be like them.

One of my best friends took flying lessons years ago and became a extremely talented pilot. He flies almost every weekend and has really took it a new direction. Although it gives him a new sense of freedom he also uses it for powers way beyond himself. He does Angel flights as well. He donates his time and his plane to fly sick people from one spot to another for treatment.

I had the pleasure of going for a trip with him the last day we were there. It was windy. Really windy. As he is doing his final preparations for the flight, I began thinking really hard about my decision. We decided to fly from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard for breakfast and then come home. I thought about JFK Jr. and how it was almost the exact same flight and similar plane. I was thanking God that I had just updated my life insurance and went to the bathroom before we took off. Both would be quite sh#tty if I forgot, pun intended.

I decided to go forward. To trust. To have faith. I knew that he would never put me in harms way. If he felt it was a bad day he would not go.

I sat quiet for the most part during his checks and final preparations. I made some small talk and tried to crack a joke or two but that was just to get some of my nervousness out. As we were taking off the wind took us and we were really being shaken. He kept giving us updates and telling us this is totally normal and everything will be fine. One might think I had so much adrenaline going but I can not remember breathing until we leveled off a bit. We got through the clouds and the wind. We then used the wind as our ally. My friend was calm and collected the entire time and in total control of the situation. It was so amazing to watch and observe his talent.

We landed in the Vineyard and enjoyed a nice breakfast. On the way back it was still windy but the sky was much more clear. It was bumpy just like the first leg but I was at ease this time. I had conquered a fear. I had gone from uncomfortable being uncomfortable to being comfortable being uncomfortable. I was invigorated. I felt new in a way. If I could conquer that what else could I do?

Look in your own lives. Is there something you have wanted to conquer yet have not due to fear? That nervousness that you feel in the pit of your belly may not be a bad sign, maybe it is a sign telling you that you are off your true path and that by doing this it will help bring you back in line.

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