Lone Survivor

This past Saturday my wife and I saw Lone Survivor.

For those that are not aware of the story, I promise I will not spoil it, it is a true story about a team of Navy SEALs that are on a mission in Afghanistan to find and assassinate an Al-Qaeda leader. Prior to them arriving overseas they go through training here in the states qualifying them as a Navy SEAL. Out of a class of over 100 typically only 15-20% graduate and go on to become active SEALs. The training they go through is the toughest in the world. They both physically and mentally get pushed past the normal limits. For those that it becomes too much for they drop out. For those that rise up and push through they have the honor of being called a SEAL.

They are sleep deprived.

They are malnourished.

They are dehydrated.

They are oxygen deprived.

They are tortured.

They are tested to overcome the worse scenarios imaginable.

I talk about their training not because I think we all have to be tortured or deprived of something. I tell you this because it shows us all as humans that we have a capacity way beyond what we realize and believe. I am sure you have had moments in your life when you have uttered the words, I can not believe that just happened or I can not believe I was able to do that. If you haven not said something similar to that, wake up and live a little.

Find a way to challenge yourself and your so-called capacity. You have more then what you think you have to give. You can go without more than what you think you need. On the other side of a challenge is either success in knowing you accomplished it or drive to get better next time. There is only failure if you do nothing.

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