Be a Quitter?

I got a email yesterday that I was reluctant to open from a great coach that I have learned a lot from because of it’s title, “Be a Quitter”.

Since I respected this guy I figured I should at least open it and see what he meant. As I read on it was perfectly clear as to why he entitled his article what he did.

Most of us are so afraid of quitting something. What will people think of me if I quit? What will I think of myself if I quit? When I read the title I was thinking about quitting something good, something worthwhile, something that serves us as a positive.

What he was referring to was quitting things that do not serve us positively. Things like making excuses, late night eating or snaking, eating fast-food, not challenging yourself in the gym, etc. Be a quitter of all of those things! Be happy and proud to be a quitter of these things.

There is always another way to see things. We always think quitting is bad, now we are shown that it is good, in fact it is necessary for progress and for results.

Quitting is necessary! Go figure…

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