Christmas at Victoria Secret

This past weekend we took a family adventure trip to Victoria Secret for some holiday shopping. This has a fitness component to it I promise!

The store is a absolute state of chaos. Women all over, men looking like they just saw a alien and kids picking up everything to see what you are supposed to do with this. It was something. Then I saw this couple over in a corner who seemed to be having a deep conversation about something as she was holding up different things. No smiling was happening so I have to assume they were not talking sweet nothings. They were very serious. Then they moved to another section and started another conversation. Again, I have no idea what they were talking about. I was intrigued but I digress.

As I watched the vast majority of people in there in chaos, including my kids, I was envious of their seemingly composure. They looked like they had a plan and if they did not have one they sure did a great job navigating around my kids picking up random underwear and asking my wife if she needed or liked that color.

I tell this story because I think we all feel a bit of chaos in our worlds to various degrees, some bigger then others, yet we still have some choices here. We can just roll with the punches, we can prepare or we can be consumed by the chaos. Of the three options listed, two of them are proactive and/or positive the third is more of a victim role. It is a role that generates excuses rather then results.

I invite you to be in the first two categories rather then the third.

Have a plan when you shop for groceries. Know what you need and only buy that. Have good food and snacks around the house and work environment so if you do eat something it is good quality.

Have a plan for the gym. I invite you not to have the guess and try method. I guess I will try this workout since I saw it on TV or men’s health or women’s fitness magazine. They are trying to sell to their products. You may not fit in that category.

If you do not know what to do ask for help!

I invite you to tap into your humility and seek out what you do not know. Even if you think you know ask because information is always changing and what worked just two years ago is not the same now. I am in the business and I still feel like I am behind sometimes.

And that is how fitness and Victoria Secret are similar.

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