The day after yesterday

This past Saturday was the Bad Ass Challenge. It was a success on many fronts and for many people that never knew they had it in them to compete and complete it. We had 5 new gym records set! My dad at the ripe age of 64 did 69 push ups in 60 seconds! I was so proud just in that moment let alone the others that followed.

People were uncomfortable. They were challenged beyond what they thought was possible. They also overcame themselves. They got used to being uncomfortable and once that happens being uncomfortable does not seem so bad anymore and starts to get comfortable. By the end of the event people attacked each event differently then they did at first.

I use this to illustrate that doing something new, doing something different or challenging can always feel uncomfortable it can also
almost always lead to something great!

I invite you to do things differently!

We are coming into a hot season of treats and celebrations and overindulgence. It is so easy to do the norm. to do what is always done. You know come January or February you will regret it and wonder how it got so bad.

In the spirit of doing different, we are changing some things here at the gym.

Starting this Saturday the 9th were are adding some extra times to the schedule. Saturdays will now be, through the Fall and Winter months, 8am ULTRA , 9am individual sessions and 10am Group of our choosing. Every week the 10am will be different. We will also still be open to any individual that needs a separate time or special time based on their schedules like always. We have received feedback that it would be nice in the Fall and Winter to sleep in a little later and offer a later class time. We listened and we are doing our best to accommodate.

Also, we normally hold a transformation contest 2 times per year for 12 weeks at a time. This year I want to hold one and have it go longer for greater support and impact. Starting Monday the 25th of November will mark the start of the contest and Friday March 21st will mark the conclusion. That is roughly 17 weeks to get you ready for Spring Break! If you are interested in the contest please stay tuned for more details to come.

Remember, to get something different, you have to do something different!

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