Common Questions for Operation Spring Break

Before I get into the responses to those questions, I forgot to mention the other day that next week starting Monday the 18th through Saturday the 23rd is Bring A Friend week. If you want to test out our programs, this is the time to do it.

Ok, people are asking me if this consists of just nutrition or just exercise? Basically they want to know what this Operation consists of and what they are “getting into”.

Here you go:
To start all you have to do is say yes. Then after that we will send you everything you would need to know. To give you an idea, each week we will send out a weekly email with homework and a plan or mindset for the week. Before we start you will compile some date for us and send it to us. We will analyze it and set up a time to talk over the phone for at least 30 minutes. Then every 4 weeks we will talk again or as needed but at a minimum every four weeks we will check in via phone. Every week you will send us a weekly email with what went well and what challenges you had. It is mostly a lifestyle plan that certainly would consist of nutrition and fitness. The bottom line is we are here for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions and/or if you are interested in moving forward.

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