Why today is so important

Before I tell you about today mark your calendars for this Saturday at 930am. We are offering a workshop called “Buns and Guns”. Basically a little something for everyone. Bring your self. Bring a friend. Brings lots of friends. The more people with better looking buns and guns the better.

Ok, enough already about that.

Today is important because I am off to talk to our youth. I was invited to talk to 5-8th grade today at a local middle school. Upon getting the invitation I asked what would you like me to speak about? They didn’t expect the question because there was this long silence of deep thought. Finally they responded and said, we want you to get the kids excited about exercise. It took everything for me not to chuckle in a sarcastic way. The real truth is they are right, but it is a major task. Take a look at some of these statistics of our youth:

This generation are the least fit in history

Injury rates are at an all time high

1 in 3 Kids Overweight

1 in 5 kids abuse medications

1 in 5 kids have considered suicide

91% of teenagers admit to being bullied

This is scary stuff people. We need to do something about this and I need your help as well as theirs. Kids in general all the way through high school should be active EVERYDAY. No exceptions. They are kids, they have tons of energy. We are looking at it from a adults perspective and thinking about what they need. Take my word for it, kids have lots of energy they are storing. Get them involved in sports, activities, friends, etc. You have so many choices these days of what to do and what they can be a part of. At the very least send them outside and make them play a simple game of tag or hide and go seek with friends. Bring them into my world… I promise I will keep them busy!

These kids are our future. They will be running our country one day, our companies, our economy, being our doctors, teachers, etc. Invest in them!

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