My New Favorite Exercise

Would it not be great if you could find a exercise that gave you results, kept you safe, was easy to coach and had a slew of variations to it?

Well… I have news for you. I have one. It is not new by any means. Just like fashion, fitness seems to cycle back to good things that for some reason we put on the back burner for other exercises. The Barbell Hip Lift is my new favorite exercise.

You can see the video here of what it looks like in action:

Now, I have to tell you that I am not one to follow trends or fads. I am not bring this into my programming because it looks bad ass, rather I am putting it back in because it creates a bad ass. I have certainly oversimplified the above reasons of why I like it. It is very hard to find a exercise that meets all of those criteria.

The underlying issue I see in our society is that we are all losing our ass’s. In more ways than one we are losing them. I would argue that if we all did this exercise, to some degree, we would have less back issues, less pants on the floor or drooping off people, less single people, well…you get the point. It would fix a lot of our issues.

Just check it out:

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