The Magic Pillow

Who knew they still existed?

It is true. There are still magic pillows and as it turns out my youngest daughter just happens to have one.

This past weekend, we transformed her crib into a daybed with a safety bar. As if that was not a big enough deal, she then got a real full size pillow! Get Out! (as Elaine Benes would say on Seinfeld) As my wife put the pillow on her bed she went from level 1 excitement, which consisted of smiling and bouncing to level 1,000 when she saw that the pillow case had a princess on it. She began jumping on her bed, screaming and singing from excitement. Now, I promise you we do not own or have access to magic pillows, in fact I think this one was from Target so I promise it is a plain pillow. We, as her parents, never thought that adding this new pillow at bedtime would cause such a stir, but it did. It took us another 5 minutes to calm her down and then another 5 to calm the eldest down because she got excited for her. The two of them went max energy at a time when mom and dad wanted calm and soothing.

Come on people there is a lesson in this!

Celebrate the win, no matter how big or small. Celebrate it. Appreciate it. She did not look at my wife and I and say ah, this pillow is all good and everything but where is the real freaking bed with throw pillows, duvet cover and mattress pad? Although I think that would have been even more entertaining. We all to often say yeah I lost a pound but I have like 10 to go, or yeah I just had to buy new pants because my old ones were falling down but my ass is still living large. She celebrated the moment. In fact, she celebrated the crap out of the moment because she became infectious. She got so appreciative that she got her older sister involved. In fact, the oldest wants to show everyone the new pillow just as much as the little one does.

Celebrate the win. Appreciate it. Get others on board with your win and build momentum for the next win.

P.S. Just think what will happen when we do put her in a new bed… I think we may need to put a diaper back on her!

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