What I learned yesterday from my youngest

Yesterday night we had a dress rehearsal for the big dance recital this weekend. Halfway through the rehearsal the parents were invited into the room to watch the tiny ballerinas perform their dance. As we sat on the floor listening so intently to the teacher explain what was going to happen the day of the recital and the important final instructions for the parents my youngest, who was sitting in-between my wife and I on the floor, let out a fart! Immediately I turned and looked to my right, and giving my wife the benefit of the doubt, I assumed it was my daughter. She looked up at me laughing and said so proud, “I farted”. I could not help but to break out in laughter myself and enjoy the moment. In fact, as I am writing this I am laughing in tears thinking about it.

The beauty in that moment was she embraced a seemingly embarrassing or weak moment with honesty and laughter.

We all have issues. We all have weaknesses and embarrassing moments. The beauty and strength comes in how we approach and react to them. Usually for me it is a toss up whether I laugh it off and down play the situation or get visibly upset.

From a health and fitness side, we can look in the mirror and embrace what we do not like and move on to fix it or we can look at that same mirror and get mad. So many of us want to look in the mirror and know what needs to happen but do not know how. You may need the direction to do so. The greatest athletes in the world have coaches. They are not too good to think they do not need help. They want that support system. They want that accountability. They want the structure. They want the results.

We strive to be that for all of our clients. If you are looking to be honest and embrace your weakness to get better and get results and are looking for help and direction to do so, email

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