Lessons from the Stanley Cup

Tomorrow marks the start of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

Established in 1892, the Stanly Cup has been awarded to the top hockey club for the year. It is arguably the most recognized , highly sought after and hardest to obtain trophy in all of sports. Of course I am biased being a ex-hockey player myself.

Whether you are a fan of the sport or not, The Cup teaches some valuable lessons, or I should say what it takes to win The Cup is what is important because without those characteristics in a team, winning it is a long distance away.

You see these young men are playing for months. They have trained in the off-season. They have played through injury. Through soreness. Some have lost teeth and others show their own scars. To win the cup is not a sprint by any means. It is a marathon. It is about not letting up when it counts and winning at whatever cost. Ultimately it is a superior attitude and superior state of mind that prevails.

Think of your health and fitness. Everyone wants results right away. They want to win the cup in the first month. If it were that easy everyone would have won the cup. Take a win when you can. Build on that win and get a streak going. You are in it for the long run, not just for the initial win. Every team eventually wins a game but not every team wins the cup.

They key is to build and establish momentum. Build on that momentum with each win. Maybe it is getting in a regular workout program. Maybe it is going without dessert or wine. Get wins when you can and keep the momentum going.

Lastly, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Youth hockey players aspire to be in the NHL one day and they know that maybe there is a chance that they will get a stick on the face, a broken nose or lose some teeth (by the way, those all happened to me funny enough). When those things happen it is uncomfortable but after awhile you get used to the idea that that stuff may happen. You roll with it and get tougher because of it. Not having dessert, wine or increasing your workouts may be uncomfortable but if you want to get stronger and better you better get comfortable with all of them.

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