Tips: What are you doing this summer?

Summer is right around the corner which is so odd because I feel like there has been no spring.

That being said summer seems to fly by for everyone. A number of holidays are throughout the summer, concerts, camps, vacations, BBQ’s, parties, etc. Summer is a happening time!

Here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of your summer and your children’s summer:

-Figure out what activities, trips, events, etc. are the most important ones and schedule those first. It could be a summer camp for the kids or a family vacation. Then look at the calendar and make a bucket list of other things that you would like to accomplish. Remember summer only has 8 weekends typically.

-Stay active with the weather. Summer is always such a beautiful time of year for great weather. Take advantage of it and get outside for activities.

-Diversify. I hear way too often that kids are going to one kind of camp or specializing in one thing over the summer. I recommend that they play as many different sports and activities while developing. It will allow them to learn new movements, games and body awareness. I do not recommend specializing in one sport until halfway through high school.

-Take advantage of the grill. Use the grill for beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables. In my opinion there is nothing better then getting food right from the grill.

Lastly, you are cordially invited to join us for our summer programs. We have programs for adults, athletes, college kids and youth. If you are interested in our summer camps please send a email to for more details.

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