The life of a 2 year old

My youngest daughter just turned 2 today, even though when you ask her how old she is now she says 3. This past weekend we were at a friends house for Easter. During our time there they kids wanted to go on the big trampoline. I went out to supervise and help the little one in. as soon as she entered the jumping area and felt the unease and rumbling under her feet her eyes went from easy going to cartoon like bugging out of her with shear terror. She turned right around and came back to me saying daddy help.

After I reassured her that she was ok I held one hand while she went back in. We started small, giving her a little security but also a bit of freedom to feel the trampoline under her. After a minute she was smiling again. Then a older friend came over and took her by the hands, brought her in the middle of the trampoline and started to easily jump with her. She began to giggle. Then next thing you know she let go and starting going by herself laughing the entire time.

At the very moment that she looked and felt comfortable was the very moment that she caught the trampoline with another person at the same time which sent her flying way higher then normal. Her face was like a deer in headlights. Her feet were doing everything they could to get underneath her to gain some footing, it was too late. She did a perfect belly flop and face plant on the trampoline; so much so that snot literally came out of her nose and on the trampoline.

At that moment I was faced with a choice; do I run out and tend to her right away or do I see what happens next? I chose to see what happened. And what happened was she took a second to do a body check making sure all was ok and then starting laughing hysterically again, which made everyone else laugh too. She went from not wanted to be on the tramp to not wanting to come off.

I tell this story because all too often we give up too soon. We give in to being uncomfortable in place of our comfort zone. What we fail to see is the opportunity that we are missing by being uncomfortable and that in the end the feeling of being uncomfortable only lasts a little bit before it is replaced with comfort.

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