Add some Sass and Love

As most of you know I have two daughters. In some ways they are like me and in many others they are spitting images of my wife. Literally spitting. My youngest, almost 2, is in a phase where she thinks it is funny to “pretend” spit, whatever that is. How you pretend spit is beyond me. They are full of piss and vinegar and a whole lot of love too. Just today my wife told my oldest not to lock her little sister in the closet. What she really meant was not to close her in the closet by herself. My daughters response, “but I did not lock her in”. What a smartass! The youngest says everything with her hands on her hips like a mini Napoleon and just when you think they have taken you over the edge they come over and give you a hug and kiss.

What the heck does this have to do with health and fitness? Well I will tell you.

Add a little sass to your workouts and then give yourself some love too. Do not forget the love part. We too often work ourselves hard and then forget to take care of ourselves and recover properly with both stretching, foam rolling and nutrition. Yes nutrition is a big part in your recovery.

When you train you inflame tissue. If you fill yourself with sugar, which creates inflammation, it will only make it that much harder to recover. Giving your body things like good oils, protein and veggies will help facilitate the love you need to recover and heal so you can go hard the next time. Speaking of hard workouts, adding a little sass at the end of the workout is a great way to finish. THE best way to get rid of that stubborn belly fat while training is a metabolic finish, not doing 1,000 crunches, which we do not do here anyway. Finish with a interval on the bike, slideboard, treadmill, jump rope, rope, kettlebell, etc.

Get outside your comfort zone and breathe hard.

Next week starting March 18th, I am opening up the gym to anyone for a trial in our Fit Club. The Fit Club is our group personal training, high energy training sessions. You are invited to see how we do it here!

If you are interested or have a friend that would be interested please have them respond to this email ASAP.

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