Your Sweater Can’t Help You

I was out with my family this past week and as we were walking around I was seeing a number of people wearing layers of clothes to stay warm, myself included. When I got home that night I realized that spring and summer are quickly approaching and the layers of clothes and sweaters will no longer hide what the winter demons have stored on you. You will no longer be able to wear that puffy jacket and get away with looking good, unless you think the sweaty look is in… It is not, take my word for it.

Your sweater can not help you anymore hide what damage has been done from the holiday season.

We are literally weeks away from spring break and then after that it will be spring in full bloom. The good news is that it is not too late to take steps in the right direction. Here are a couple tips:

Start drinking more water than normal. It will help your body flush out the toxins as well as get a head start on keeping you hydrated when it starts to get warmer. Start with a manageable amount. Maybe it is one extra bottle a day.

It is a trend that most people gravitate to fruits before vegetables. They are sweeter and easier to eat raw. If your normal daily ratio is 70/30 fruits to vegetables, start balancing the ratio and ultimately lean more on veggies than fruit. Even the “natural” sugar adds to the belly fat. Side note for you guys: the more sugar we intake whether it is natural sources or artificial has a direct effect on our testosterone levels. So limit it.

Take your body out of its comfort zone. Do something different, something new, something that is a challenge. You will never make progress if you always stay comfy cozy in your bubble. To stimulate your bodies natural growth hormone and create new muscle it has to be challenged. Take a class that you would not normally do. Lift more weight then you are accustomed to. Do a extra rep of a particular movement. I obviously want to see people do this in a safe environment that is always under supervision and not just go out and willy nilly do something.

Stick with those three and master them over the next couple weeks.

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