Coffee, Fat Loss and Yoga

What a combination of things to talk about; coffee, fat loss and yoga. I hope to make sense of them all in this post for you.

I have never been a coffee drinker and until I had kids never thought I needed it. In fact, even with my kids I never drank coffee after a long night, and believe me there have been plenty of long nights. I started drinking coffee within the past 2 months after reading a study about caffeine, how you metabolize it and its affects on your performance. Now I want to make clear that it is about performance not fat loss, I will get to that in a second. Furthermore it is only for those of you that feel a “jolt” from caffeine. So, taking me as a example, after I drink a cup of coffee I am like a Mexican jumping bean. It affects me hard and fast. If you are like me and caffeine affects you then studies have shown that drinking a cup prior to your workout will improve your overall performance. I used to mix it with chocolate protein and drink it in a shake.

One might think that if it helps your performance then it must have a positive benefit on fat loss. Seems logical, right?

A recent study challenged just that and looked at a comparison of caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee on fat loss. They found that the decaffeinated coffee reduced the feeling of hunger and increased the feeling of satiety. What? That is like the magic formula for fat loss. Basically, they are saying that it decreases you appetite and makes you feel hungry longer. That is like having your cake and eating it too. At the end of the day I think coffee has numerous health benefits to it and I think both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee has its place in any diet.

Speaking of health benefits… Starting Monday February 25th at 730pm BeWell Fitness and Total Body Yoga will team up together and offer yoga classes at BeWell Fitness. They will be held Monday through Thursday at 730pm for 6 weeks. Anyone can attend at any level. We have various packages that will fit into anyone’s budget and schedule.

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