Why we “mix” it up

What is the best exercise program? Is it circuit training? Is it traditional strength work?

The answer is yes.

When we put exercise programs together here whether it be for a group session which is focused more on a circuit or individualized programming focused more on the strength work, the end result is always the same philosophy; find the best way to get the results desired. Most of the clients that we train are either focused on weight loss or performance.

Whatever the outcome is that you desire the best results come from a “mix” of training intensities. For example, I could have someone do body weight squats in a circuit to get as many as they can in a specific amount of time, then take that same person and put them under various loads like a bar or kettlebell and have them squat for repetitions. The point is that they are still both squats but one is training a certain energy system and the other way is training another energy system. There is not one right or wrong way it is the hybrid that is the best approach.

What does matter is what you are training for and how much of one you should have then another. If you are training for performance then the more strength work the better but fit at least one day of circuit training in. If you are more on the fat loss side then more of a balance between the two would be appropriate.

The bottom line is this, if you are just doing one method of training you are missing a opportunity to be better and get better results. People, including myself want results when they train. We certainly don’t train just to train. We exercise because we have some end result in mind like fat loss better sports performance, etc. If you want to maximize your training then you need to find the right mix of intensities for you.

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