Workshop Series: I have NO equipment workout

One Saturday a month until the end of the year BeWell Fitness will be putting on a workshop focused on different health and fitness topics. Part of our job as fitness professionals is to help educate. We want to provide you with the latest information and exciting news in the industry.

The first month, I wanted to pick a topic that seemed to be redundant lately, “What to do with no equipment”. Whether you are traveling or at home this program will only enhance your ability to get results. I have a lot of clients who travel regularly for work or pleasure and even though hotel gyms are getting better the problem still remains that they don’t know what to do when they get in there. Equipment can almost be a distraction or overwhelming to most. They think they have to use all of it and have no idea how to utilize it properly.

Join us to break the frustrations and empower you the next time you travel or at home. This goes way beyond push-ups and squats. It is a smorgasbord of exercises to add to your programs!

I’ll take it a step further! I will give you a sample workout program that you can use anywhere. I will take the guesswork out and come up with a simple plan for you that will give you a great workout with no equipment. I will even show you how to complete everything including a warm-up and cardio in 30 minutes or less!


Saturday September 22nd
BeWell Fitness

Members: $10 BUT, if you bring a non-member friend you are both FREE
Non-Members: $20 BUT, if you bring another non-member friend you both get 50% OFF.

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