What does this election have to do with fitness?

I am a avid Howard Stern listener. If by saying that it changes the way some of you think of me then so be it.

He has a couple guys on his staff that go out and interview people in various places and events to see why they are actually there like Occupy Wall St., parades, sports events and Comic Conventions. Basically, the point is people have no idea why they attend these events. Just recently he asked people on the street in New York City about this upcoming election and who they were voting for and why. The responses were absolutely humorous and scary at the same time. According to the individuals that they interviewed… good news, John McCain will win this year!

Here is the clip:

So how could this possibly have anything to do with fitness? Am I really stretching this to far?

Electing a leader to run our country is a huge job and should be taken seriously. Listen to the debates, understand the issues and pick the right person you think can lead our country.

The same thing holds true when you are picking a coach or fitness professional. Ask them questions like what certifications they hold? How often are they educating themselves? How do they stay current?

At the end of the day you are investing in them as well as yourself. They are working for you and by choosing the right person to lead you determines the results you get, just like the president. There are a lot of bad politicians, but there are some good ones too. Same holds true for coaches. There are a ton of bad trainers out there that take a weekend course and off they go out to help the world.

Do yourself a favor and really interview the person. There are trainers out there and then there are fitness professionals and coaches. Here at BeWell Fitness, we are fitness professionals and coaches. We stay on top of the latest information, research studies and training programs. If there is a better way to get you results we do it just as if there are things that are outdated due to new information we scrap them.

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