Should you eat before bed?

Boy oh boy is this a debated topic. I will make this short and sweet for you…

If it is your time to eat then eat. Do not skip a meal just because it is bedtime. The fact that you will lay your head on a pillow for 6-8 hours means nothing. Think about during the day sometimes. How many of you skip meals anyway and go for even longer stretches of time without eating. For some reason we feel the need to put a different spin on bedtime. Sitting on your butt at a desk all day and lying down are not that much different. Your metabolism is doing basically the same thing.

Ideally you should eat every 2-4 hours. Which means the longer you are up in a day the more you consume. Eat by time not by hunger. Hunger gives you a false sense of satiety and you tend to eat more because of it.

Bottom line, if you go to bed at 9pm and the last meal you had was at 5pm, eat something!

Now when I say something, I don’t mean a bowl of cereal or ice cream. I mean a lean protein and vegetable.

Break the myth, enjoy it!

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