I have a TV problem

So my wife and I are big TV people. We are the people that have shows each night of the week that we watch and get excited when we know a show has a new episode coming up. We are also the people that literally get pissed when something happens in a show, like it is real life. Yes I know, I have a TV problem.

Last week we were watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels and they showed them on a trip to Africa visiting kids that he sponsored in school. They brought them gifts, supplies and ultimately their attention and care. They started asking the kids questions about their daily life and what it was like. The kids responded with all smiles and told them how far they have to travel to school, how little food they get and how they have to share supplies and desks. Then on top of that they gave Gene and his wife, Shannon, gifts.

We feel sorry for them. They don’t feel sorry at all for themselves, they love where they are. In fact, they smile and sing about it.

The moral is different for everyone. For me, it made me really appreciate what I had and where I was. When it comes to working out it made me think of the times I felt like I couldn’t or I wanted to quit or give up. If these kids can make the commitment to go to school and live a simple life with all smiles and joy, I can finish a set or push a extra rep out. I can eat better and appreciate the food I have since there are kids everywhere that have so little.

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