What’s your favorite?

I was asked the other day from a friend what is my favorite piece of equipment. I think he was thinking I was going to have the answer right on the tip of my tongue. My answer surprised him.

I answered him with a question. The question was, what exercise are you performing? Being caught off guard he said, what do you mean?

What I mean is this… I think there are many tools in a toolbox for a reason. Certain pieces of equipment are better for some things then other. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use the other pieces of equipment, it just means I prefer one above another for specific movements.

One thing I will say is I prefer functional pieces of equipment to fixed equipment any day of the week. An example of a functional piece would be a kettlebell or TRX. A fixed piece would be a bicep curl machine or leg extension machine. Functional pieces are self correcting, meaning that if you are performing a movement incorrectly, they will give you immediate response if you are doing the exercise wrong. Fixed pieces allow you to get away with poor mechanics and posture.

If you don’t know how to use functional pieces of equipment like medicine balls, bands, kettlebells, ropes, dumbbells, chains, stability balls, etc. ask someone who does. Don’t be scared of them because ultimately they are the pieces that will lead you to a greater level of success.

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