What is your story?

Everyone has a story to tell. They live their story everyday. The story could be I’m a champion or it could be I’m a great parent or it could be I’m fat and lazy.

Have you ever caught yourself saying the following or something similar, “I’m such an idiot!” or “Losing weight is so tough for me.” in other words, what are you telling yourself? If you are telling yourself it is always hard or this is tough, you will find everything tough and hard about it which will ultimately stop you from ever reaching what you truly want.

You may be saying, “Take it easy Dr. Phil, this is a health and fitness email not some mental session” Well if you are not in the right state of mind you will not be in the right physical state to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Tony Robbins says to “divorce your story and come up with a new one.” Come up with a inspiring story. One that you want to live. One that you are proud to live.

How you create a story you are proud of is the easy part, living it is the challenge. Find like minded people. Sign up for classes with people that inspire you. Only do and invest in things that bring you closer to your desired story.

What can you do right now that will bring you closer to what you truly want? Is it go tot he gym? Is it putting down that cookie in your hand? Is it signing up for a gym membership? Is it getting a group of friends together to create a exercise group?

Tell me what you are doing today to make tomorrow better.

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