Just when you think…

Just when you think…

It can not get any better, it does.

People will not give anymore, they do.

You will not be supported, you are lifted.

Four years ago, I started the Competition for a Cure to honor my wife’s mother, Marilyn Schuenke, who lost her battle with breast cancer when my wife was 15. I vowed to honor her memory, my wife and her family.

The first year we raised $800. The second, we doubled to $1,600. Last year, we raised $11,000!

So you can understand my fear that it would not be better then that. Just when you think it would not, it did!

This year with the help of so many we raised (so far, there is still more coming in!) $12,500. There is more hope then ever that we can get rid of this disease so daughters can stop losing their moms, husbands their wives and moms their daughters. Whatever part you played in this success, I thank you.

At the beginning of the event, I told everyone that one day I hope that I won’t have to put on this event because they would have found a cure. We will keep fighting. We will keep supporting. And, we will keep hoping.

P.S. I am still taking donations so if you would still like to donate, please let me know and i will tell you how to do so.

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