If you were given a magic pill would you take it?

I was reflecting on my studies from the nutritional certification since I have started a new Transformation Contest leading up to spring break.

I saw a staggering figure that I can’t believe I forgot. Before I reveal it to you I have some questions for you:

If you had a disease that could be cured or managed with a pill, would you take it? Diabetes? Cancer? Heart disease? MS?

Let me take it further…

If you were given a pill that would give you the body and health you desired, would you take it?

Think of the power you would have. Think of how good you would look and feel. Think of the relief that you would no longer feel the need to struggle to get and feel fit.

So here is the figure… Since the magic pill for health and fitness doesn’t exist I can only go off other scientific things like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. People only take their medication 55% of the time! 55%! That is basically saying that half the time they don’t care if they get better or not. Taking a pill is less than 20 seconds yet it is only successfully done 55% of the time.

If we translate that to health and fitness it is no wonder that people struggle and fail miserably at getting healthy and fit. There is no magic pill. There is work involved. There is accountability. There is thinking. There is peer pressure. Let’s just agree that there are a ton of things to juggle.

So how can you do it successfully and be better than the 55%?

Pick one thing at a time and do it until you master it. In other words do it until it becomes a unconscious action. For example, if exercise was something you wanted to focus on, then we could have a goal of 5 hours of exercise a week. The exercise can vary but 5 hours total is the goal. Then we map it out on a weekly schedule for when it works best and what days work best. Then take action and do it. Start with day 1 and accomplish that, then move to day 2, and so on. Much easier said then done for most especially since some do nothing. The point is if I gave you 5 things or even 2 things to do most would fail after day 1. I would venture to say that most of all of us can accomplish 1 thing with some consistency.

Once you have completed one then move to the next and the next and the next. It is not an over night thing, BUT, if you look at the big picture and your objective is to lose weight, 1 pound a week for a year is 52 pounds! Even if it was 1/2 pound a week, that’s 26 pounds in a year!

P.S. If you want to take a step in the right exercise direction and help a great cause mark your calendars for next Saturday the 18th, at 930am for the charity workout supporting Lamb’s Farm.

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