Jump Start Your Program in 2012

So its a new year and so many of us want to get off to a clean start with new resolutions and changes. We want to get out of bed running and hit the day with force… And then day 2 comes and we may re-think our plans. We have great intentions and we want things to be better. So where and how do we start?

First, and foremost start small. Slowly ramp up the changes so you get some victories under your belt. Feel good about the small things you are doing better. It could be drinking more water. It could be getting up before the alarm rings. It could be sticking with that extra rep to finish strong. Whatever it is and however big or small make sure you give credit where credit is due.

Second, take a look at the exercise routines you are currently doing and see if there is room to make some changes. Its kind of a rhetorical statement because there is always room for change and improvement. If you are currently not doing anything, do something. Simple as that. It could be something as simple as going to an exercise class to see what that’s like. If you are more advanced then change the reps and sets that you have in your program. Change the speed or tempo of the lift. If you are used to a slow tempo of lifting then speed it up. If you are used to sets and reps then try training by time. Get as many reps in as you can in 20 seconds for example.

Third, track as much as you can. This means food, exercise, days in a row of getting up before the alarm, etc. Get a journal and track it. This way you can look back after a week, a month a quarter and see what progress you have made.

Lastly, don’t be afraid or shy to ask for help or direction. If you don’t know or are not sure, ask! Hopefully you have come to trust the information I give you and would feel comfortable asking me a question. If not, then find a professional that you do trust and ask them.

P.S.- remember I have new year deals going on for new and inactive past clients as well as my nutritional coaching program. If you want to take advantage of them please respond to NOW since there are not many spots open for each opportunity.

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